Important Note: Kada Safe Tread IS NOT an acid based product like so many others out there that permanently damages surfaces by burning or etching them. The “Safe Tread” system is very ecological and green. It has no odour, is 100% solids, contains no solvents, is easy to install, improves aesthetics and ready to use just 4 hours after installation.

Safe Tread system is the first and only Safety Surface available in Europe specifically designed to provide enhanced slip resistance in “delicate” areas where aesthetics and safety are paramount. Not only has it been independently tested to provide slip resistance values in line with HSE requirements for both and wet and dry conditions, it has also been designed to provide long term slip resistance to various internal surfaces for both shod and bare foot environments. 

Many of our customers are now realising the importance of providing a safe environment for their clients and by implementing the Safe Tread system are now seeing the benefits that this system brings both in guest safety and reduced litigation costs.


Reduced litigation and associated costs

Certified Enhanced Safety (UKAS authorised testing)

100% solids with Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds)

No odour and fast return to service times

Dirt and Stain Repellent*

Anti-Microbial – Effective against MRSA E-Coli,  Pseudomonas and more

Guest satisfaction and Safety

Independently tested to HSE guidelines


Long lasting (5 – 10 years)

Easy clean

Certificate of Compliance Issued on completion of installation

Available in various styles and colours

Installation services available or also in DIY format as well

*Prolonged exposure to hair dye, strong acids or alkalies may lead to staining



Safe Tread is a fully certified, warranted and independently tested slip resistant system for delicate wet areas in establishments where customer aesthetics and perception of facilities are vitally important. It has been trusted by hotels and other establishments for over 10 years; providing them with peace of mind, enhanced guest safety and by improving the appearance

 Just one slip can cause injury or death and change lives forever – for families, friends, communities and employees. Suffering caused by human loss or injury is immeasurable, so creating an environment that is safe and healthy should be the priority for all those responsible for the welfare of all the people that use their facilities, not just employees. But it isn’t the only reason. REDUCING INJURIES REDUCES COSTS TO YOUR BUSINESS: Even a single injury can have far-reaching and debilitating effects on your business besides litigation. 

We are also able to offer insitu shower tray surface repairs prior to the implementation of the Safe Tread System if required. This is carried out without noise, no dust and virtually no out of service times.

 So contact us now to see how Kada Safe Tread can help you.

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